Friday, March 27, 2009

Framed Art Superstore to Move Again

New Hampshire's largest art gallery is the Framed Art Superstore in North Conway, NH. After nine years on North Conway's outlet shopping strip, the store moved into North Conway Village in October 2008.
Unfortunately, they were sub-letting the space from AJ Moss, who continued using the back space of the building. AJ Moss terminated their lease a year early leaving the art store without a lease.
Not willing to pay double the rent for the entire building, the art store is moving again, but still within North Conway Village. On May 1, 2009, the Framed Art Superstore will be open in what is has been Expressions Antiques for last twenty years.
The new space is a 2700 square foot historic house that lends itself well to an art gallery. The new store will also carry some of Expressions most popular items such as their custom dining room tables and antique steamer trunks.

The Framed Art Superstore has always been known for its canvas transfers, and has recently opened a new online art gallery called the Naked Wall Art Gallery offering better prices than and other big Internet art companies, plus they always offer free shipping on every order, and ship from tax free New Hampshire. The same local company also operates the art gallery at the Met Coffeehouse in North Conway and Soyfire Candle - North Conway's Beanpod soy candle store.
The Framed Art Supertore will be having a store closing sale at hte current location in the Badger building through April 30th. If you're visiting North Conway, be sure to check out the deals!

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