Monday, March 2, 2009

Canvas Art... par for the course

More than just beauty, art serves a function in our homes. The art we choose can make us feel more energetic, or relaxed, more hopeful or ambitious .

So what art makes sense for these trying times? It is such a personal decision as to what you like but here are some hints as to why you might find certain pictures more appealing. If you want a room to be more relaxing, perhaps a piece with horizontal lines - could be a landscape or an abstract, but the direction and flow of the picture should be reclining. If you feel trapped in your life, you might be drawn to images with distant horizons.

Need more fun-time in your life? Wouldn't it be nice to smile everytime you walk past your new golf art!
Our need for simplicity is reinforced by the trend to go frame-less. Don't worry about the art looking un-finished - the edges are specially finished with gallery or museum edges for a clean professional look without the fuss and expense of a frame.

In spite of being called a Framed Art Store, our best selling art is unframed canvas art. Prints under glass cause glare in today's homes with open floor plans and lots of windows. Non-glare glass is expensive, so why not transfer the print to canvas which looks much better anyway!Perhaps more important is that with stress levels what they are in our complicated over-stimulated lives, our decorating needs to be easy and un-fussy.
Art without a frame is easier to buy, easier to match your decor, and easier to enjoy. The simplicity is pure genius. Just take away the frame, and enjoy the naked art, not the naked wall.
The reclining nude shown here by Pino is entitled "Evening Repose" - ideal relaxation lines for a master bedroom.
Our new website features over 500 of today's best artist, all ready to hang and they come with free shipping anywhere in the continental US.

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